Step up, get connected, speak out!

In 2013, students of Sisler High School’s Digital Voices course launched an Educational Speaker series called SoapBox.ED through High Definition Video Conferencing solutions. Sisler’s SoapBox.ED series has been hosted by students for students and is shared through internet streaming.  Since 2013 we have reached over 30,000 students and educators from 8 countries through the Frontier School Division’s HD Video Conferencing system.

Why SoapBoxED?

SoapBox EDucation provides an opportunity for someone, like you, to address their views on a subject using our digital soapbox platform. The soapbox will attempt to enrich our understandings of cross-curricular outcomes, but adapted to meet the needs of 21st education.  Because of partnership the Frontier School Division and Federally funded schools throughout Northern Manitoba, we have the potential to connect and interact with over 10,000 students throughout the province of Manitoba with your presentation!


The main focus of this initiative is to provide a 21st century learning opportunities for students throughout the Province of Manitoba and rest of the world. In addition, SoapBox.ED will:

  • bridge the gaps between education and community,
  • provide an enriched interactive forum for students to gain real life experiences,
  • provide a student-led digital forum with professionals,
  • provide students with an equitable opportunity to develop a deeper knowledge of subject matter through communication and Inquiry.
  • remove the carbon footprint of travelling


  • Mock virtual trials with international schools (education beyond borders),
  • Debates:  Alternative Energy and world issue debates,
  • SoapboxEd Speaker series hosted by Digital Voices’ students for students throughout Manitoba,
  • Surgeries through HD video conferencing

Sign up today @ www.SoapboxED.org from Digital Voices on Vimeo.

About Digital Voices:

digital voices

Digital Voices is an unique 2 credit block Digital Media course designed for students interested in Indigenous Education. The focus of this course is to provide students with the opportunity to embrace, document, depict, digitalize all of our cultures (the Seven Sacred Teachings, stories, rituals, artifacts, etc.) while experimenting with digital media. The course is made up of two grade 12 MST (IWAR4S and WEGR4S) course. In addition to successfully completing this 2 credit course, student with a 80% (or higher) and who meet the articulation agreement setup, will receive a Digital Media credit at the University of Winnipeg.

Digital Voices incorporates a variety of materials, techniques, tools, technologies, and skills from various arts disciplines including dance, drama, music, and visual arts. The technologies/processes used and adapted to create digital media art may be traditional, including, but not limited to, photography, film, sound, animation, and video. The technologies and processes may also be digital: computer software, blogging, networking, game development, digital imaging, digital sound recording, 2D and 3D animation, multimedia production, and web-page design.