Frontier School Division


Components of Division Mission Statement February 2008

Frontier School Division is defined by our natural surroundings and the beauty of this environment. The images of land and water and their impact on us collectively is a part of who we are. Our connection with all that is natural and holistic sets us apart and makes us uniquely “Frontier.” Increasingly, schools, with community support, are providing land-based and culturally-focused educational activities for students using this rich and beautiful natural environment.

In the lower left corner, the Province of Manitoba map identifies Frontier School Division territory and our area boundaries. It is impressive to note that we are responsible for educating many students who live in this huge territory that covers approximately 75% of Manitoba. The narrow boundary lines outline our five areas as defined in provincial legislation. Our broad geographical expanse is not a barrier to our mission, but rather on opportunity to build and maintain relationships across communities, from the farthest northern regions to the farthest southern regions and to points east and west of the province. This geography often leads us to think creatively. Our range of communities and cultures fosters both inclusion and diversity. We see our communities as representative of the larger fabric of Canadian society regardless of our geographic location.