Animation Jam Day 1 with Disney Animator Trent Correy – March 6

Day 1 Workshop Details & Breakdown:

  • Agenda
    • Presentation:  Trent’s Path to Disney
    • Start of Animation Jam
    • Talk: How to start an Animation
    • Animation Jam continued
  • Delivered by Disney Animator Trent Correy
  • room 57
  • March 6, 9:00 am – 3:30 pm

What is the MAniJam?

MAniJam (Manitoba Animation Jam Out Session) is a creative challenge brought to you by Sisler IDM & Trent Correy. Student film-makers, animators & artists will be challenged to create animations in just 24 hours (sort of! remember School does end at 3:30 pm). 24 hours to create an animation from start to finish does sound crazy, but that’s the whole fun of it.


About Trent:


Trent’s Tumblr:

Walt Disney Animation Studios -Character Animator

 – Present (4 years 1 month)
  • “Moana”- Animator
  • “Zootopia”- Animator
  • “Frozen Fever”- Animator
  • “Big Hero 6”- Assistant Animator
  • “World of Color”- Animator
  • “Frozen”- Apprentice Animator
  • Talent Development Program- Trainee

Trent’s Work:

“Zootopia” Shot Breakdown from trent correy on Vimeo.

Zootopia Animation from trent correy on Vimeo.

A break down of one of my “Zootopia” shots from story to final animation.

Some shots I animated on “Zootopia”

Shot Breakdown: Fred Action Scene from trent correy on Vimeo.

Property of Walt Disney Animation Studios. For educational purposes only.
Here’s a breakdown video for a few scenes from “Big Hero 6”. I had so much fun making the last video, and received such positive feedback that I decided to make another:) This was a very challenging sequence for me and a lot of fun at the same time. Each shot in the sequence had a different workflow (stepped, splined, straight ahead, heavily referenced) all depending on what the shot needed. I learnt so much from the Supervisors and the Directors on this sequence, I feel so humbled and privileged every time I present my shots for feedback. It’s such a positive atmosphere and everyone in the room is truly trying to make the shot the best it can be. From Story-boarding to Editorial everyone involved is improving the shot, I especially loved watching effects and lighting work their magic in the sequence!
I’d love to hear feedback on what you’d be interested in seeing next, this was so much fun, I think I’ll do more!
Thanks for watching!

Here’s some character animation I did for Disney’s “Big Hero 6”!

Trent Correy- Disney Reel 2013 from trent correy on Vimeo.

Here’s some of the animation I created at Disney Feature Animation in 2013. The reel includes work from “Frozen”, “World of Color” for Disneyland and some work from the Talent Development Program. All work is copyright The Walt Disney Company.
Thanks for viewing!

Stay Tuned for more information!