From the Canadian Prairies to Pixar “A Talk with Pixar’s Sanjay Bakshi” – Feb 21

Connect with Sisler IDM students when they talk Pixar’s Sanjay Bakshi

Workshop Details:

  • Talk theme: From the Canadian Prairies to Pixar
  • Delivered by Pixar’s Sanjay Bakshi
  • room 57
  • February 21 @ 10:45 am.


Sanjay in the News:


Visual effects (3 credits)
 2015The Good Dinosaur (visual effects)
 2009Up (global technology engineer)
 2007Ratatouille (groom supervisor)
Animation department (1 credit)
 2013Monsters University (character supervisor) / (supervising technical director)
Miscellaneous Crew (2 credits)
 2004The Incredibles (software engineering)
 2003Finding Nemo (studio tools research and development)