Profile of the World Class Schools Project


Profile Information

Subject area expertise:K-12 Speech, Debate, Social Studies, Earth Science, PE, Gifted and Talented, Classroom To Courtroom Drama
Grade level(s) taught: grade 9, grade 10, grade 11, grade 12
Present status:Certified/Licensed Educator
Language(s) you can instruct in: Armenian, Bulgarian, English, French, Georgian, German, Greek, Italian, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish
Number of years teaching experience:greater than 20
Skills Interests:Video Conferencing, Mock Trials, Debates, Moot Court, ICC Moot Court, US Supreme Court Cases
If you have done work internationally, where and in what capacity? Europe, Georgia, Taiwan, Australia, Russia, Mexico
If you are willing to volunteer, in what area(s):curriculum development, digital media, evaluation measurements, fund-raising, marketing, organisational partnerships, technology support, translation

How did you hear about us and a few words why you want to join EBB:  Help out schools

We will be competing in the following Mock Trial Contests:

  • Ontario Bail Hearings Nov. 2013
  • South Australia Mock Trials Feb. 2014
  • South African Moot Court March 2014
  • YMCA Appeals Court Oct. 2013
  • YMCA Mock Trial Oct. 2013
  • WSC International Grand Jury May 2014
  • WSC ICC Moot Court April 2014
  • WSC US Supreme Moot Court May 2014
  • WSC Historical Trials May 2014
  • WSC Salem Witch Trials May 2014
  • WSC Public Forum Debate Every month